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Ever since the days of my youth, I have loved technology. I was hooked from the first time I turned on that Commodore 64. I still recall hot summers and the rhythm of a dot matrix printer blending with the sounds of Billy Joel playing on my cassette player. In those days, my brother and I only stopped playing “Centipede” long enough for a “kick fight” to decide who would get to put their legs up on the sofa – or to get my dad an iced tea. Ah, the memories!

Technology has come a long way since then, and it has many new forms, but I still love it for all the ways it benefits us.

A digital addiction I have indulged over the years is digital scrap-booking. It is a great way to keep and share my memories.

I like the My Memories Suite. The latest version (v.7) is available for a free trial, just click on the link in this post and you can download and play with it – no obligation. The regular version is a really great deal at just $39.99. I am an affiliate, but I only affiliate with, or promote products I have used. This also means when you use my code (STMMMS2872) you will get a $10 discount off the cost of the program. It is an amazing deal and if you take a look at the My Memories Suite, I think you will agree.

Once you own the program, you can regularly download free backgrounds and elements, so for just the purchase price of the software, you can really create some lovely photo pages. Of course there are tons of amazing designs you will want to purchase too.

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Easy to Use

I love this program for so many reasons, and I will admit that one of them is because it provides almost instant gratification. It is so user-friendly. You can “fast fill” your photos in pre-designed templates and yet, you can easily personalize your pages and change the layouts. There are also loads of embellishments, shapes, and fonts which I love because I like to decorate everything! The tools are easy to use and intuitive.  You can edit the page and photo sizes, you can rotate, rip, fade, recolor, use filters, and crop photos right in the program.

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Easy to Share

Once you create your pages, you can print them at home, or order prints online to preserve and share your memories. It is easy to save them in typical formats for easy sharing: jpg, png, or pdf files. You can upload your designs to a blog or Facebook to share, or use as a custom timeline photo. This is more versatile than an actual photo book, takes less time and saves money.

Easy to Love

There are pretty background papers, elements and layouts for every season. I shared here some of my very first “My Memories” photo pages. I had to re-size them so the quality is quite a bit lower than what you actually get and see when you use and print the pages from the program on your computer. As you can see, I have been using and upgrading this product since 2011. I love to share about all the things I love.  I hope that you will try this great program and that you will keep using it like I have. It is a simple, fun way to keep and share the memories!


Check out all their FREE DOWNLOADS or take a look at some of the free pages and decorative elements available at their website:

FREE PAGE #1 – “Hello Handsome Cluster” by Triple J Designs. This is a pretty design element  to add to your scrapbook pages in shades of blue and gray.

FREE PAGE #2 – “For Mom”  a paper pack designed by Memory Mosaic. Four digital papers in springy pastels with the very hip, and oh-so-ubiquitous, chevron pattern.


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