Easy One Ingredient Frozen Dessert

Yep, I said just one ingredient!


Summer is one of my favorite times of the year and ice cream has always been our family’s favorite treat.  I only purchased “All natural” brands because I read those scary labels! Can you believe some of the stuff they put in ice cream and even in “healthy” frozen yogurt?

Then I noticed our regular “All Natural” ice cream labels, were removing “All Natural” from their labels and including corn syrup and “propylene glycol” in their list of ingredients- sneaky!

When the kids were small, it was fun to make our own ice cream. We hauled out the big ice cream freezer and the rock salt for a messy good time! But it was time-consuming (and did I mention the mess?) so we ended up only pulling it out for special events and holidays and with all the yucky ingredients in “store-bought” brands we just suffered the loss of ice cream. (but not in silence)

Not too long ago I got a counter top ice cream maker and vowed to learn how to make ice cream. I was a little disappointed with some of the recipes but I kept trying different tactics. Most of the recipes called for ingredients like whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk – things that I try to avoid because of high amounts of sugar and fat.

One day, I wondered what would happen if I just tossed in some of the chocolate almond milk I had on hand – and it worked!  It was a delicious frosty-like dessert! One ingredient. In the ice cream freezer. So easy. Instant ice cream fix!


I used the Silk brand “Dark Chocolate” sweetened almond milk, but you could use any sweetened flavor, such as vanilla, if  you can’t have chocolate (I feel your pain), or you could use the unsweetened and mix in your own flavorings with some stevia or Truvia – but then it wouldn’t be a “one ingredient wonder” anymore.

My Cuisinart ice cream maker took about 20 minutes to freeze the almond milk into the right consistency. It makes two quarts of frozen almond milk.

Use 4 cups of the Almond milk and spin it for about 20 minutes in the electric ice cream freezer. Actually, the ice cream maker spins it. It is delicious. I put what was left into the freezer overnight. The next day it was not very scoop-able, but once it thawed a bit, it was still a cool afternoon snack with more calcium than dairy milk and low in fat. It is not a low carb food, due to the cane sugar, but my next experiments will be with other natural sweeteners like Truvia.

You could add toppings to make sundaes.  Let me add that nothing is better on this than homemade magic shell topping!

I love using the Silk almond milk to make this dessert – it is non- GMO, has 50% more calcium than dairy milk, 100 calories in a 1 cup serving (not including toppings of course) it is a good source of vitamin E, has no cholesterol or saturated fat, is dairy free, gluten-free, and contains no artificial colors, flavors or any other sneaky stuff.





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