About the “Kinda”

About the “Kinda” in Creative and “kinda” Crunchy

I added the “kinda” crunchy because I am very much type “B” crunchy. So just in case you are here looking for someone who will make you feel guilty for vaccinating your kids, or forgetting to recycle, I wanted you all to know this is a no judgment zone.  

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You will never hear from me that you need to live on tofu, or that you are a bad parent because you feed your kids pop tarts (although I admit to a slight shudder as I typed the words – pop tarts).

I would love to drive an electric or hybrid car, but that is not feasible for us now. For a while I even drove a Suburban because I have too many kids to fit in a regular car, and a mini van wouldn’t pull our camper.

I am always looking for ways to feed my family in more healthy ways, but because there are always at least two teenage boys in the house for every meal,  I don’t have the budget to become a purist health foodie.

And I try to be a steward of our environment, but I am not militant enough to chain myself to the trees that I love to hug.

I want to share a lot of different types of things on my blog without worrying if it fits with some “super health food mom” image that people might get of me -sometimes we order pizza!